Patient history:


Before Surgery After Surgery

Two years ago, in a winter morning, feeble crying sounds of a baby woke Rev. Sister Olga who was in charge of the Claretain Mercy Home, Madurai. She opened the door, and found a girl baby wrapped in a ragged used a cloth. She quickly carried the baby into her Claritain Mercy Home – Home for orphan children provided first aid immediately. The home is a recognized government institution that admits children affected by female infanticide. Sister noticed Cleft Lip with Palate in the child. Sister Olga named the baby as laila. Rev. Sr. Olga searched for the history of Laila for her orphanage records and legal formalities. As per Sr. Olga, the facts about the orphan Laila is as follows,

Baby. Laila born in a Muslim family and her parents deserted the baby when they saw their newborn daughter with irregular Lip and mouth (i.e.,) Cleft Lip and Palate. Her parents abandoned her soon after her birth. Her parents felt ashamed and guilty when they got Laila and threw away mainly because of laila was a girl baby with Cleft Lip and palate. Moreover, throwing a girl baby with such deformities is very much common in the region.

Then, she was left at an orphanage run by catholic churches, Claretain Mercy Home, Madurai, India. At the orphanage, the staff and sisters paid special attention to feed the child. A separate staff was appointed to feed the child. At home staff members met with difficulties in feeding the child because her cleft madeit hard for her to swallow food. The home members provide moral support to baby laila but they cant afford to pay for surgery.
Also due to Cleft Lip/ Palate of Laila no foster parent came forward to adopt child. The orphanage was looking for an opportunity to ensure a better future for Laila.

Luckily, news published by MMHRC about the Free corrective surgeries with the grant assistance of The Smile Train USA in newspaper, changed the baby’s life. The news provided information about free Cleft surgery for indigent patients by the support fron the Smile Train, USA. Immediately the girl child was admitted at The Smile Train Cleft Lip/Palate Centre – MMHRC. she underwent operation for unilateral Lip correction. The operation was done carefully and successfully.

After, few months, Laila was admitted for Palate surgery at The SMILE TRAIN Cleft Lip/Palate Centre – MMHRC. In the mean time she was affected by minor respiratory problem. As declared in the joint press meeting by Mr. Satish kalra, Regional Director, South Asia, The Smile Train USA and Dr. N.Sethuraman, Founder Chairman, MMHRC, provided free stay and treatment for Laila till she fit for the Palate surgery at MMHRC. Then she underwent surgery for the correction of Palate.

After the surgery , the orphanage approached the original parents of Laila and asked them to take their child back. But, they refused to take her back.

Seeing the baby after surgery, one couple came forward to adopt the child by the initiative of Dr.D.Kannan, Anaesthetist MMHRC who administered anaesthesia for Laila when she underwent surgery at The Smile Train Cleft Lip/ Palate Centre – MMHRC. Then upper middle class Hindu Parent who do not have issues for several years now has adopted Laila as their life. From then onwards, she would be a mother to her and she has promised herself to show her love and affection to her newly adopted daughter.

Rev.Fr.Jeyaraj, Director and Rev.Sister Olga – Claretain Mercy Home, Local Church Priest, Fosster parents and the staff members couldn’t believe when they saw a real smile on the baby’s face. The father and its Foster Parents thanked the surgeon of MMHRC for the valuable life as a gift given by SMILE TRAIN, USA. Yes, The SMILE TRAIN USA not only gives grant to conduct surgeries but gives life and hope for orphans, fill the vacuum of those who are in need of child and those who in need of parents.

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