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Before Surgery After Surgery

Master. Krishna,  Sivakasi, Virudhunagar District -  Tamil Nadu

Master Krishna is from Sivakasi, one of the famous industrial town which consists of match Industries, fire works and printing technology. When Krishna was born with a cleft lip/palate, his parents were very much worried.  Krishna is the youngest of four children in his family. When he was young he had trouble in eating and drinking.  His mother Uma venkateshwari worried that if he did survive he’d be ridiculed and traumatized.  And she worried because she knew she’d never have enough money to pay for the surgery to correct his facial deformity.

Due to his deformity he was not able to take food properly. His family was taunted and teased by other children near by their home. Krishna daily cried to take food and it’s very difficult to him and it makes worried to his parents. They wanted to get rid of such deformity but there was no hope anywhere.

It seemed like a miracle when Mrs.Uma Maheshwari came to know about Meenakshi Mission Regional Cleft Lip/Palate centre excelling in doing free cleft lip/palate surgeries through their family doctor. She took the boy to the Meenakshi mission hospital and was overjoyed when he was chosen for surgery. In a just few minutes, Krishna’s lip was repaired.  He was operated for cleft palate. He regularly comes for follow up care & speech betterment to our centre. Regularly the staff of centre communicates to him for better care & cure. He will never develop the kind of speech impediment that is often impossible to correct in children who have their clefts repaired much later in life. Now the boy could laugh and grin and all of his mother’s worries vanished.

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